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What you may like to know

These pages are about a small firm called "Kocher Consulting" from Switzerland, dealing with a wide spectrum of
communication and management.

We give advice to big and small companies, communities or individuals.

It is all about communication. This is where we have a longstanding experience.

We are dealing in
Public Relations of all kind. We help setting up contacts, give advice about how to deal with the Media and the Public in Switzerland, we are specialised in matters concerning text and statements and speeches. Ghostwriting is our daily business. And we handle difficult situations, not least in moments of crisis, when there is not time to be lost.

We believe in the importance of communication in every aspect and with any organisation or individual. We do have excellent connections. We talk very little about ourselves. But aim at helping others.

We are English spoken, the mother tongue is German. We also communicate in French.

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